For this chalice, Michael Casey commenced working on a large bog oak root form, pondering, gazing, interacting with the wood and how it would release the final form to him. He allowed the sun (in his words)”to light it up, and the form emerged in the fusion of sunlight and instinct-when it is no longer a piece of wood, but a celebration of life”.

Over a period of months in his garden the artist completed this wonderful celebration of the life of Brother Edmund Rice.

This chalice was commissioned by the International Beatification Committee of the Presentation Brothers and Christian Brothers. On October 6th,1996, it will be presented to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, during the Beatification Mass of Edmund Rice, who founded both congregations.

This chalice, a sacred masterpiece of Celtic creativity and inspired craftsmanship, is unique in its evocative symbolism, yet as natural as the earth that first gave it life, fashioned it and preserved it. It is an ancient offering from the heart of Ireland to celebrate the timeless contribution to humanity of Edmund Rice.