Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge sculpture in bog oak is approximately 23cm in length. A self standing sculpture featuring a piece of bog wood in its natural form with a sculptured fish representing a salmon dynamically positioned on top of the base piece.

Dimensions: 23cm (9″)

Note* Each piece of bog wood is different and unique. As such the sculpture you receive will have the same theme as shown above along with the same approximate dimensions but it may look slightly different to the example shown.

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From: The School of Geosciences, Queens University, Belfast


The radiocarbon date determined for the Bog Yew is 3717 years before present day. Comparing this result with the international standard radiocarbon calibration curve, we get a calendrical date of 2137 BC. The error limits on this calendrical date are – 65 and 102 years. We are 95.4% confident that the true date lies between 2035 BC and 2202 BC.

The radiocarbon date determined for the Bog Oak is 470BP. This date intercepts the calibration curve in 3 places yielding dates 3504, 3405 and 3384 BC. In this case we are 95.4% confident that the true date lies between 3370 BC and 3621 BC.

Legend has it that Finn on his travels came to study art and poetry with Finneges, the wise man. On the day that he arrived at Finneges’s house, they were cooking the red speckled
Salmon of Knowledge, which was prophesied whoever ate one of those fish would possess understanding of everything in the world.
Finn was given the task of cooking the fish but forbidden to taste it.
While turning the fish Finn burned his thumb and to ease the pain put his finger in his mouth and so it was that eternal knowledge passed to Finn, who is often depicted with his thumb in his mouth.

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