Cremabh Stone

There exists in Ireland a stone known as the “Cremabh” stone. It consists of a stone within a stone which has been moulded by circular movement of the human hand, into a perfect fit. All who are accused of wrong-doing were brought to swear upon this stone; and if swore falsely a mark appeared upon him and upon all his relations for seven generations.

It was also used by those who wished to be inspired by love. They moved the stone within the stone three times. There is just one warning – the Cremabh stone should not be moved when the moon is full.

The Cremabh Stone sculpture in bog yew is 40cm in size at its widest point and features a cross section of bog yew in it’s natural form. The section has a small sculptured hollow containing a sculptured oval of bog yew which sits perfectly within the hollow.
A lot of time is spent sourcing material in the bogs and converting it in the sawmill. It is essential to ring before you visit the studio so that you are not disappointed.
It takes three years before this wood is dried from 66% to 12% moisture.

Dimensions: 40cm (16″)

Note* Each piece of bog wood is different and unique. As such the sculpture you receive will have the same theme as shown above along with the same approximate dimensions but it may look slightly different to the example shown.

Price: €280.00 – €380.00

Please for phone for availability.

To view video of sculpture please click on link below

From: The School of Geosciences, Queens University, Belfast


The radiocarbon date determined for the Bog Yew is 3717 years before present day. Comparing this result with the interntional standard radiocarbon calibration curve, we get a calendrical date of 2137 BC. The error limits on this calendrical date are – 65 and 102 years. We are 95.4% confident that the true date lies between 2035 BC and 2202 BC.

The radiocarbon date determined for the Bog Oak is 470BP. This date intercepts the calibration curve in 3 places yielding dates 3504, 3405 and 3384 BC. In this case we are 95.4% confident that the true date lies between 3370 BC and 3621 BC.

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